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Take the first step in protecting yourself from fraud with tips and clues that will help you weed out the most common types of fakes and reproductions flooding the market today. For under $10, this 32 page book will give you information that beginning and advanced collectors will want to know about ceramic burial artifacts. It's designed for easy use by providing direct explanations with generous pictures plus the compact, slim size makes it convenient to take with you so you can refer to it quickly on the go. ---- Description: Soft Cover, 5.5" wide x 7" high x 1/8" thick

Copyright© 2008 by John R. Jordan

To Buy or Not To Buy: Burial Ceramics
By John R. Jordan

A Basic Picture Guidebook to Recognizing the Authenticity of Pre-Columbian Burial Artifacts. 

A visual walk thru the wonderland of authentic and faked antiquities created with clay.

Chapters include:

  • Patina
  • Authentic Dendrites
  • Spotting False Patinas
  • Other False Surfaces
  • Authentic Mineral Deposits
  • Burnished, Not Glazed
  • Carbon Core Firing of Ceramics in Antiquity

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