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I look forward to assisting you in any way that I can. Please help me and my team at Jordan's Antiques and Appraisals provide you the best customer service we can by keeping the following tips and instructions in mind:

1. Requesting Service: When requesting a service, please provide at least a valid phone number where you can be reached and email address if you have one. Depending on what service you request, sending specific information will help us understand your particular needs more clearly for any follow-up consultations. Please see details below regarding what information you should send for each service.

2. Follow-Up Consultations
: Please allow three business days for a response to your initial request. Services are provided at the sole discretion and approval of Jordan's Antiques and Appraisals. If Jordan's Antiques and Appraisals agree to provide a service, consultations will be set up to determine how we can best support your unique situation. For any concerns or questions regarding submitted service requests, always feel free to contact us.

3. Payments: Appraisal services require a deposit as explained below under Appraisal Service Fees. For all other services, do not send any payments until payment terms are discussed and agreed upon with Jordan's Antiques and Appraisals. Once payment terms have been established, you can make payments either by mailing personal or business checks, cashiers checks, and money orders; or you may pay with credit or debit cards as well as PayPal accounts by using PayPal. Make payments with PayPal from our Store page under the Send Payment heading. Go now by clicking here.

4. Delivery of Services: Final completion and delivery of services purchased will usually be made when full payment of services is received.

5. Customer Service: You are always welcome to contact us regarding any questions and concerns. We strive to give you the best customer service we can, and look forward to helping you. Contact information can be found here. Also, we highly respect the privacy of our clients. As routine business policy, we do not sell customer information nor do we give out customer information unless we have that customer's consent.


If you want an appraisal: Ensure you get a thorough and complete appraisal consultation by including the following information either by email, which is preferred, or regular mail.

1. Required Deposit For All Appraisals: A deposit of $30 is required for all Appraisal services. This deposit is a non-refundable fee which covers initial research and consultation time including a phone consultation to answer questions you have and give you a verbal opinion regarding your situation. The deposit must be received before any consultations will be given. If an appraisal is purchased, this deposit will be applied toward the total cost of the appraisal. You can pay by check, money order, credit and debit cards, and PayPal account. To pay with cards or PayPal accounts, use PayPal by going here.

2. Photographs: Clear photographs of at least the back and front of items are needed. In pictures, use a ruler or yard stick beside pieces so there is some reference for size and scale while making sure pieces remain clearly visible in photos. These are extremely important for the initial consultation because they enable us to understand the scope of the appraisal job and will help us focus in on anything that may need clarification.

3. Information: Include measurements for items in pictures. Any background information you can share is helpful. When using PayPal to pay deposit, send a copy of the receipt or include name used for payment, payment date, and payment transaction number. If you are sending some information by email and some by regular mail, clarify in all correspondence what is sent by email and what is sent by post.

Basic Appraisal Fees

$85.00 per artifact. Additional shipping and insurance costs may apply. Two sets of clear, precise photographs are required for this appraisal. One set is for your appraisal hard copy and one for our appraisal hard copy that we keep on file. Digital pictures are useable if they are clear and high enough resolution. When additional photographs are required, you'll be notified during your consultations what is needed. If Jordan's Antiques and Appraisals must process any photographs or if a personal examination of items are required to ensure an accurate appraisal, extra fees may apply.

Comprehensive Appraisal Fees

$150 per hour. Additional travel, shipping, and insurance fees may apply and will be determined on an individual basis. Even though personal examination is required for this appraisal, please send photographs and information in your initial appraisal request as explained above. It will help us determine the most cost effective ways items can be personally examined. Arrangements to provide a Comprehensive Appraisal and payment terms will be discussed during consultations. Since a personal examination is already part of this appraisal service, any photographs processed by Jordan's Antiques and Appraisals will be at no additional charge.

When your artifacts need care: Find out what your best options are for your damaged items by providing the following information either by email, which is preferred, or regular mail.

1. Photographs: Include shots showing all four complete sides of each piece with close up shots of areas you want repaired. To provide a reference for scale and size, include a ruler or yard stick in all your photos while making sure pieces and close up shots are not blocked or obsured.

2. Information: We will need to know object material (is it stone, clay, wood, etc.); size (its height, depth, and width); best estimataion of its weight, and city and state of its location so we get an idea what will be involved and required to complete the job.

Restoration, Conservation, and Repair Fees

Fees for these services are calculated on an individual basis and will be discussed during your consultations for this service. Contact us with any questions.

All other services are provided and charged on an individual case by case basis. Please contact us  to discuss your specific needs and goals. Options for proper arrangements to effectively assist you will be discussed during consultations.

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