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Appraisals are used most often to confirm the authenticity and current value of items. Getting an appraisal can help owners get an idea of how much they should insure items for. Appraisals help both sellers and buyers by providing information on an item's history, origin, and condition and therefore a justification for an item's price. If you require such information for Pre-Columbian artifacts, an appraisal could be exactly what you need. Appraisals are a wise investment. But, in my opinion, spending money on an appraisal for fakes, reproductions, or even low value authentic items is not always a wise use of money. I will be honest with you during your consultation and let you know my opinion regarding what options best balance your needs with what makes the most sense financially.


Basic Appraisal:

If photographs are clear and excellent representations of an artifact, many times I can conclude the artifact’s authenticity. The Basic Appraisal would include a statement of authenticity based on my opinion, approximate age of artifact, dimensions or size as supplied by client, and its origin such as region or burial site. Clear photographs for each artifact will be required for this appraisal. If photographs are not adequate for me to make an accurate appraisal, I may require to see items first hand.

Comprehensive Appraisal:

I can also give you a more detailed Comprehensive Appraisal which includes the same information as the Basic Appraisal (statement of authenticity based on my opinion, approximate age, dimensions or size, and origin) as well as explain its background more extensively including its usage such as religious, spiritual, and/or secular significance; its condition including restoration and repair that has been done to the artifact so far; and approximate market value. Instead of pictures, I must personally examine artifacts first hand. Options how to accommodate this will be discussed during the consultation. A personal examination is the only way I can accurately analyze an artifact's condition and value for the Comprehensive Appraisal.


There are many people who do not get complete enjoyment out of their precious artifacts because they are in need of repair, conservation, or restoration. Some pieces may be badly repaired which detracts from the artifact's beauty and value as well.

To fill this need, I also offer restoration and repair services for ceramic, stone, wood, pottery, and metal artifacts and pieces so you can personally enjoy your investment to the fullest. While my appraisal expertise deals specifically with Mexican Pre-Colombian artifacts as stated elsewhere on this web site, I can repair objects from various cultures and time periods. Restoration and repair of extra-large items is one of my specialties. I can also correct most poorly done repairs. With my own unique process, invented and developed by me, I can help bring out and conserve the beauty and value in your artifacts.

Other services I provide include purchasing and selling of individual artifacts as well as brokering collections of any size, including ones with a variety of items from different time periods and cultures. Auction related services are available. I can give consultation services so you can make wise investment and purchasing decisions, as well as protect yourself from fraud. Demonstrations, lecturing, and educational services are available for your function, meeting, group, organization, etc. I am available to give ceramic instruction and schooling, as well. Art commissions are welcome as I am versed in painting and sculpture using clay, wood, and sheet metal.

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